Big Mama Music is delighted to have such a great album as the first release on their label.

The 'Blue Skies' album from Aydenne Simone & Liam Stevens was a signing BMM got excited about because both Aydenne Simone & Liam Stevens 'get it', because for Aydenne and Liam 'it has to swing!'

Both of them are performers and musicians almost from another era, the era that gave us the best in swing jazz, and they are committed to delivering that with such style.

When BMM  heard Liam Stevens play and we heard that he wanted to release an album, we knew that he was worth the investment, add Aydenne Simone into the mix and BOOM!.

Every song on this album is a winner and it tells you exactly where their heart is.

You can buy it on all the usual online outlets, but if you want to own a physical copy, you can buy it by clicking the album cover on this page or right here.


Blue Skies - Aydenne Simone & Liam Stevens Trio
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One for My Baby - Ayenne Simone & Liam Stevens TrioUnknown Artist
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Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night of the Week - Aydenne Simne & Liam Stevens Trio
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Summertime - Aydenne Simone & Liam Stevens Trio
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Hymn to Freedom - Aydenne Simone & Liam Stevens Trio
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