COVID-19 has been so difficult for live venues and musicians alike.

Once you are in a position to provide live music again, I’m sure you would want musicians that know how to entertain.  Many musicians can write great songs, and they are fabulous in a studio, but can they really entertain? Can they engage with your customers and take an audience with them? 


To us, music is about ability at an incredible standard, but, also we are about musicians that know how to give an audience a really good night out.  An audience should be talking about a live music event days afterwards as it was so memorable for them.

We don’t think it should be underestimated just how many musicians will be calling and emailing every venue they know to get back to what they love to do.  So, we can do the sifting for you, and suggest to you musicians and bands that fit with your needs.  This is a no-cost to you service.

Get ready for when the restrictions on providing live music is finally lifted, by telling us you just want to hear more, and, we call you for a chat.

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