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Aydenne Simone (Big Mama)

Aydenne (AKA Big Mama) is a powerhouse!.  She will add power, to dance track, velvety quality to a jazz track and a hell of a lot of fun to anything else.  Aydenne can literally sing the phone book.  She brings the house down at every performance.  With a number of singles and albums under her belt, she is a seasoned pro of nearly 30 years.

Gwilym Jones - Drums

Gwilym Jones is a drummer that gets that rare crazy response from an audience.  His drumming is intelligent, effective, and powerful all without being self indulgent.  He is able to effortlessly take any song to a much, much higher level.

Tom Dring - Jazz Double Bass

An exceptional bass player.  If you are a fan of Ray Brown, for example, you would never be disappointed.  His talent is outstanding and he has an ability to make the bass jump out and bring any song alive.  The audience always roars after a bass solo from Tom. 


Tom features on the Blue Skies album and has already been booked to feature on Aydenne Simones' next album 

Olly Chalk - Jazz & Classical Pianist

At 18, he received a scholarship to study Jazz Piano at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, graduating four years later with a First Class Honours


Olly Chalk is a player whom we have seen make an audience cry.  He has a level of playing that is engaging, in a way we have never seen.  

"Olly Chalk spilling notes like a high roller scattering chips at a casino." - LondonJazz News

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