Delighted to introduce Tom Dring, one of London's finest jazz bassists.

Come and see for yourself! - Tom Dring is featured this coming weekend at The Piano Bar, Carlisle St., London, W1 with the unbelievable Olly Chalk and of course the 'Queen of Swing' and the powerhouse that is 'Mama' - Aka - Aydenne Simone.

Having been a professional jazz singer for 30 years (this spring), I have worked with some of the best musicians on the UK scene, but when it comes to a jazz bassist, there are few that can come close to what Tom Dring delivers.

I am delighted to say that Tom Dring brought jazz bass into my life in a way that nobody else has been able to do, even though, I have been around so long, I have always appreciated a great bassist, but Tom Dring, well, Tom is just something else. He makes the bass in jazz just come alive, he breathes life into a performance of a song like I have never seen.


I am so proud to have worked with Tom for the last few years (introduced to me by the fabulous superduper jazz pianist Liam Stevens) and it has been just incredible.

I have heard bass solos from Tom I never thought I would witness (apart from the likes of Ray Brown). Those that know me will know my influences come from an era where the great jazz vocalists such as Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald reigned supreme, but that for me also includes the musicians that played with them such as Ray Brown or Richard Davis.

I have no doubt that 20-25 years from now Tom Dring will be a jazz bassist people way above my calibre in terms of writing about music will celebrate.

I hope we can continue to work together for many more years before he is snatched by somebody who can give a bassist like Tom Dring what he truly deserves.

You can book Tom for session work if you want your jazz recordings to have 'an edge' or for live work. Just get in touch at or call for a chat 07806 819673.

+44 (0) 7806 819673